Maritime Accessories

  • [ENG] On Board SUZUKINO 380 9.05 
    [ENG] On Board SUZUKINO 380

    15/10/2014 9:06 AM admin 1,140 Views

    Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! The Boat Show YouTube channel: The Boat Show F...

  • Prodotti Nautici: barca a vela, barche a motore e gommoni 11.35 
    Prodotti Nautici: barca a vela, barche a motore e gommoni

    24/09/2013 1:48 PM admin 2,339 Views

    Per la cura e la manutenzione della propria imbarcazione MA-FRA presenta un'offerta di prodotti davvero completa. Prodotti per barca a vela, per barche a motore e per imbarcazioni pneumatiche. La L...

  • Volvo Penta IPS  A Proven Success 6.57 
    Volvo Penta IPS A Proven Success

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 37,716 Views


  • Yacht & Boats Cruise Control 1.32 
    Yacht & Boats Cruise Control

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 4,575 Views

    Yacht & Boats Cruise Control

    A useful feature for adjusting and fine-tuning the engine rpm. With the easy-to-reach button on the control, the driver can optimize the boat speed for best possible fuel economy and comfort....

  • RAILBLAZA - Power Boat Accessories 5.92 
    RAILBLAZA – Power Boat Accessories

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 7,018 Views Mounting Systems for the Great Outdoors PORTABLE, VERSATILE, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Hold everything... with RAILBLAZA StarPortsTM and an extensive range of mounting accessories....

  • SkinnyWater Anchoring Systems - Motor Mount 1.45 
    SkinnyWater Anchoring Systems – Motor Mount

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 12,457 Views

    This film demonstrates how quick and easy it is to install and use our universal motor mount bracket anchor system. We have 8 different types of anchoring options for under $200. For more SkinnyWater...

  • Yacht & Boats Joystick docking 1.40 
    Yacht & Boats Joystick docking

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 6,093 Views

    Yacht & Boats Joystick docking

    Docking and close-quarter manoeuvring made simpler and safer. Using just the joystick, it lets the driver steer the boat in any direction or revolve it. Install up to six joysticks for best view in al...

  • Yacht & Boats Joystick Driving 1.37 
    Yacht & Boats Joystick Driving

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 9,692 Views

    Yacht & Boats Joystick Driving

    Now you can use the joystick for steering at any speed -- maneuvering your boat has never been easier. With the intuitive Joystick Driving feature you lean back and relax and adjust your course with a...

  • Aluminum Boating Accessories 2.65 
    Aluminum Boating Accessories

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 9,410 Views

    SkinnyWater Products has a great line of boating accessories also. For more information on our SkinnyWater Prodcuts Push Poles, Gig Poles, Anchoring Systemes & Accessories visit us online at www.Skin...

  • Boats Dynamic Positioning System 1.30 
    Boats Dynamic Positioning System

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 5,286 Views

    With the Dynamic Positioning System the boat's position and heading can be held and kept within a very limited area. A convenient and useful support when, for example, preparing for docking or waiting...

  • Trip Computer 1.03 
    Trip Computer

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 3,721 Views

    The Trip computer shows continuously updated information about e.g. fuel consumption, distance to empty and trip time on the multi-information displays. This enables the driver to adjust the driving f...

  • Boats Single Lever Mode control 1.20 
    Boats Single Lever Mode control

    14/08/2013 3:15 PM admin 3,346 Views

    Boats Single Lever Mode control

    With the Single-lever mode, shift and throttle for all engines -- twin, triple or quad installations -- is easily operated with only one lever. It is comfortable and gives precise control over the boa...

  • FocusMaker @ NorthSails 2.57 
    FocusMaker @ NorthSails

    24/06/2013 1:32 PM admin 412 Views


  • DVELAS Living Sails 3.93 
    DVELAS Living Sails

    24/06/2013 8:08 AM admin 437 Views

    We are mixing the design, architecture and sail making to create a new, different activity, based on the retrieval of the sails to give them a new life. Estamos mezclando el diseño, la arquitectura,...

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